Also sowas, Mr. President!

Stellungnahme der Lesebühne Kunstloses Brot zu diesem Tweet:

"Dear Mr. President,
we, Lesebühne Kunstloses Brot from Leipzig, are the best writers in Germany. It's true. We know, you don't like to read, but on our venues, you don't have to. You just listen, while we do the job for you. It's great. And besides th
at, you see five of the most beautiful haircuts in Germany. If you come to our event, February 28th, Beyerhaus Leipzig, you don't have to pay and even get a free wall built around you, so you have to sit there until the next Lesebühne and can't grab anyone by the pussy. And no, we didn't fake your tweet for a cheap joke. This tweet is no bad imitation! But we will read stories about Imitation. See you there!
America first, Kunstloses Brot second!"